Process Invoices Using Salesforce

tn-process-invoices-using-salesforce_video-process-invoices-using-salesforceUse automation + Salesforce to process invoices

Speed up processing time with Service Cloud

In this tutorial, you’ll see how Automation Hero integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud. Automation Hero senior technical writer Rob Bishop walks you through all the steps of processing invoices submitted via email.

Through the email-to-case function, the cases will be created in the Service Cloud. Automation Hero will then access Salesforce cases and extract all information from the invoices, including amount, date and vendor.

The invoice information is extracted using OCR, and Hero_Flow will create records on the invoice table in Salesforce. Then the case status is updated to accepted and the owner of the case is notified by the Salesforce bell notification.

Tutorial: Build an automation for invoices

In the in-depth tutorial below, learn how to build the automation for processing invoices in Hero_Flow, using Salesforce.


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