Extract and Import Data with Web Scraping

extract-and-transfer-dataAutomate Web Scraping and Data Entry

Information workers can spend hours manually copying and pasting information from one system or application into another. When performed manually, this is a very repetitive and time-consuming task. Automation Hero’s Hero_Go feature allows users to pull information through recorded web scraping of repetitive click work in a web application or web form and automate those clicks to repeat until the task is finished.

A common use case for web scraping among sales teams is pulling contact information from LinkedIn and transferring it to a CRM system. This would typically be done by copying and pasting each record between LinkedIn and Salesforce (or select your CRM system of choice).

To automate these web scraping tasks with Hero_Go, the user must first record the actions they want to be repeated. To do this, activate the Hero_Go Chrome extension and start a new automation and record.

Once recorded, this data is scraped and the data can then be completed automatically.

Upon playback, Hero_Go will perform the automation that’s been recorded until all items that need to be transferred are completed. The browser opens the initial web application, iterates through the records, and all of the information is captured without the need to type or click at all.

Hero_Go will run through as many records as available, whether it’s 20 or 20,000 and can continue to work while it runs in the background.

In this use case, automate common customer requests, learn how we helped automate repetitive tasks and boosted the company’s response speed and customer satisfaction.


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