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intent-detectionEmail Intent Detection Use Case

Many incoming customer requests are repetitive. For sectors like insurance, telecommunication/ internet providers and banking these requests are often only requesting minor changes to the customers’ information or plan.

However, these minor updates add up to many hours for employees, which takes them away from gaining new customers. Some of the most common incoming customer requests are for changes to address and adding or removing someone from a policy or contract.

Automation Hero’s platform is enabled with intent detection, which uses natural language processors to understand common customer requests and then based on that predicted intent, automate a business process. By connecting Automation Hero’s intelligent capabilities with Salesforce or an alike CRM, these small requests are easily automated.  

We’ll use a common example: processing a change of address request. This request is seen across industries and often requires extensive time from employees to make address changes in a set of systems.

First, there is a customer who wants to change their address. They reach out to the company via email and through the Salesforce email to case functionality, a case is automatically created.

A scheduled automation picks up the email and classifies its content with the help of an intent detection AI model. The intent detection AI model gives the probability if the email is about an address change.

If the probability is high enough, the automation flow could process the address change automatically. In the example for demo purposes, we will automatically update the case in Salesforce by setting the address changed checkmark and setting the status of the case to “accepted.”

In this email intent detection use case, learn how we used machine learning and NLP intent analysis to focus on intent detection for customer emails (e.g. a change in policy request) and automated routing to the appropriate person.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to build the above automation by uploading an AI model with intent detection to the Hero_Flow system. Based on that predicted intent, this flow will automate a business process in Salesforce.


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