Include Human-in-the-Loop Exception Handling

exception-handlingException Handling Use Case

Most automations run seamlessly when data is clean and inputted fully, but not every automation input is in pristine condition. Occasionally there is input data that’s missing or formatted incorrectly. These flows require human input since they must handle exceptions within the data set.

One example of exception handling is when OCR services miss certain data points that need to be reviewed or inputted by a person. Exception handling can be built into many different types of flows. In this example, we use Salesforce but Automation Hero can connect to 50+ customer management system or web applications.

This use case shows how we can add an exception handling stop to an automated invoice processing business process. To do this, we’ll integrate Automation Hero’s exception handling capabilities with Salesforce’s bell notifications and case statuses.

Basing this off our previous invoice processing demo; invoices are submitted by email and through the ‘email-to-case’ function, a case is created in the Service Cloud. Automation Hero’s Hero_Flow accesses the Salesforce cases and extracts the data from the invoices using OCR.

If there is missing data, this feature needs to be triggered to ensure all invoice data is complete and accurate. Building in exception handling will result in a bell notification to the user prompting the user to manually enter in the missing data.

The example invoice is missing dates and has been sent through the ‘email-to-case’ function in Salesforce. Within Salesforce, there’s a bell notification notifying the user that their invoice has been processed but not all of the needed information was found. Clicking within the case allows the user to manually enter the invoice dates and close the case.

In this use case, automate invoice processing, learn how we complete preparation of documents and then alert the user that all data has been prepared and that they can now trigger an automation to input all information into the processing system.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to build an automation flow that determines if an invoice sent to SalesForce has an attachment and whether the attachment has all the required information.

If information is missing, this flow is built to trigger exception handling. When data is missing, this flow will change the case status and will actually notify the users to take further action.


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