Detecting Document Forgery with AI

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In this demo video, Automation Hero showcases their intelligent document processing platform with a comprehensive set of capabilities for intelligent document forgery, including EXIF and XMP data analysis, scan fingerprint analysis, and copy-paste detection.

This is incredibly crucial to businesses such as banking, insurance or retail in which there is a growing amount of fraud.

  1. EXIF and XMP data analysis: Metadata within document files provides vital information about post-scanning alterations and the software used for modifications.
  2. Scan fingerprint analysis: This method involves scrutinizing subtle patterns in document scans that may reveal manipulations that are barely visible to the human eye. By detecting these anomalies, the platform can expose potential document forgeries.
  3. Copy-paste detection: Automation Hero’s platform uses advanced AI algorithms to identify instances of identical text, exposing fraudulent alterations made by copying and pasting text. This method enhances the detection of forged documents and ensures the integrity of critical information.

The video covers various types of document forgery, such as signature forgery, altered content, counterfeit documents, and photocopy manipulation. Additionally, Automation Hero highlights common strategies used in insurance fraud, such as false claims and exaggerated claims.

You can also read in more detail here.

By leveraging these advanced AI capabilities and document forensics methods, Automation Hero offers a powerful solution to detect and prevent document forgery, safeguarding the authenticity of important documents and protecting businesses from potential fraud.


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