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Fine-tune forecasting for shipping and logistics

Create an AI model that goes far beyond simple supply and demand.


When it comes to shipping products around the world, timing is everything. Want to capitalize on the weather, a big event, or an of-the-minute fashion trend? You can only do this if your inventory forecasting for shipping and logistics is fast and precise.

Automation Hero can help any company create an AI model that goes beyond simple supply and demand, taking into account parameters like climate patterns, availability of raw materials, or the operating capacity of manufacturing facilities and machinery.

According to McKinsey, adding predictive analytics and machine learning to the mix can reduce forecasting errors in supply chains by as much as 50%. Not sure which factors are influencing supply and demand? The consultants found that pulling in everything from’ loyalty-card records to married couples’ shopping habits helped companies boost forecast accuracy.

Automation Hero uses sophisticated AI models to incorporate large datasets and can also quickly pull in things like handwritten reports from equipment operators in the field. Once a document is scanned, Automation Hero uses customized OCR (optical character recognition) and AI to extract critical information and then use our pre-built connectors to write the information into the relevant system. The ability to synthesize more data points means ultra-precise forecasting, which ultimately speeds up time-to-market for a variety of customer goods.


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