Schedule meetings automatically

Reduce the time it takes to confirm appointments.


Business process automation platforms like Automation Hero can detect the intent of incoming messages and create automated scheduling for meetings based on the text within that message. Using Natural Language Processors (NLPs) the system can read a message, understand it, and perform appropriate next steps. (It can also do this for other common requests).

Automation Hero reduces the back-and-forth it takes to confirm an appointment by drafting an email response with up to three different available dates/time slots. Should one of the three options not work for the other party, Automation Hero continues offering alternatives until a meeting time is agreed upon. It then creates “holds” for those times in the user’s calendar and sends the other party a calendar invite once the meeting is confirmed. Automated scheduling of meetings not only saves time but also frees up administrative staff for higher-value tasks.

In this intent detection demo video, see how we use intent detection to understand common customer requests and then based on that predicted intent, automate a business process.


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