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Automate weekly sales commission documents

Don’t make salespeople do extra data entry.


When a salesperson in any large company closes a new customer, there are a number of documents to be completed and submitted in order to get the commission for the deal. This task eats up valuable time for the salesperson, and is also tedious and unnecessary because most of the data needed for the commission documents is readily available in the company’s databases or CRM system.

With Automation Hero, that process is greatly accelerated, and is also more accurate and more fun.

Here’s how it works: The salesperson sends an email with subject “deal closed” and customer name to Robin, an automation assistant that can be incorporated into a human worker’s routine in various ways. A backend automation receives that email and identifies the opportunity in the CRM, based on the name and that salesperson’s territory. The automation then automatically retrieves all available information to fill the PDF document template. That template is passed into the Robin UI for review, and the salesperson receives a notification email with a link to review the pre-filled membership document.

With Robin. the salesperson usually only needs to hit the submit button, which then in the backend triggers another automation that fills and submits the commission statement to the finance department. At the end of each week, the salesperson receives an email from Robin with automatically generated statistics and charts about their weekly performance. Turning the process into an attended automation creates excitement, reduces errors, and saves a lot of time.


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