Outsmarting document forgery with AI


In an age where document-centric processes are central to business operations, the risk of fraud and manipulation looms large. Find out how Automation Hero can help.

Insurance fraud is estimated to cost more than $308 billion annually, causing the average U.S. family between $400 and $700 per year in increased premiums.

Financial institutions increased digitization to support customers, especially during Covid, but few reviewed back-end processes that are now falling short in the face of increasingly sophisticated forgery techniques.

To combat these issues, Automation Hero has stepped up its game by introducing new capabilities for its intelligent document processing platform that supports intelligent document forensics.

Join us Sept. 21 to learn how our advanced AI-powered platform helps determine if documents involved in any process have been potentially manipulated, combating fraud and ensuring authenticity.

Our team discusses:

  • Common types of document forgery
  • Strategies in insurance and banking fraud
  • Challenges faced in fraud risk mitigation
  • Automation Hero’s AI document forensics methods [demo]


Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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