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Meet Robin: Your Personal Automation Assistant

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Sometimes automating can be intimidating, especially for a staff that’s unfamiliar with how it works. That’s where Robin comes in, Automation Hero’s personal automation assistant. Our company offers both attended and unattended automations. When it’s attended, a human worker steps in to review progress, and for that, they can rely on Robin, a powerful AI with a friendly user interface.  

The personal automation assistant (gender neutral, by design) acts as a liaison between the automation and your staff. Like a real human assistant, it can send emails about the status of projects. Or, it can be designed to fit into workers’ routines in some other way. 

Managers can customize Robin to run on whatever schedule they deem best for their teams, all using a drag-and-drop function and without help from developers. 

Want to deploy Robin in a long-running, complicated job? A manager can choose which users review, add or delete details related to the task, and they can add or delete team members who can check in to see which tasks have been completed. That can include anything from approving documents for data entry, or creating lists of customers who represent opportunities for cross-selling or upselling. Humans stay in control the entire time.