Handwriting OCR is 2.8x more accurate than ABBYY and Google Vision

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Benchmarking Automation Hero, ABBYY, and Google Vision’s AI-based platforms for handwriting OCR

  • With a myriad of vendors touting competitive AI capabilities, it’s critical for organizations to evaluate success based on actual performance numbers. As such, we evaluated Automation Hero against two prominent AI-based handwriting OCR solutions – ABBYY and Google Vision.
  • Automation Hero’s patent-pending Context Aware OCR outperformed both alternatives by approximately 180% and 40% respectively.

Out-of-the-box processing

To test the robustness of each tool’s handwriting OCR, we anonymized a collection of samples from real medical office forms and sent the same ~1,000 values to each system. Real medical form data was chosen because it combines many challenging elements:

  • Complex words
  • Cramped space for entering values
  • A high-stress, fast-paced environment when people are writing

In order to test Automation Hero’s new Context Aware OCR capabilities, the Hero Platform_ was also given a custom Knowledge Graph. This knowledge graph was created by the customer with more than 40,000 potential values for the form field we were testing.

Our patent-pending technology enables the AI to directly use this data when making a prediction, leveraging your team‘s stored knowledge and experience to automatically improve results.

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A competitive review: Automation Hero, ABBYY and Google Vision

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