Automating email processing for insurers


Speed and convenience – the two words which create customer retention and satisfaction. Customer retention is 82% cheaper than acquisition and 42% of customers have left a business due to poor customer service. 

Every day, no matter what team you’re running inside an insurance company, your staff receives a huge variety of emails — a small chunk of the more than 3 billion emails sent daily worldwide. 

Is it a change-of-address request? Policy cancellation? Adding or removing a name from a policy? Each requires a different level of manual work from your employees. 

But if you look closely at those requests, they likely fall into categories that can be easily automated or routed strategically, saving your staff time so they can get back to more critical, high-value work. 

In this webinar you’ll see how AI for insurance can:

  • Speed up common changes to policies, enrollment changes, claims, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Boost efficiency and productivity for sales, marketing, and customer service teams
  • Transform IT, HR and Customer Service internal department processes
  • Demo: Quickly and accurately extract information from emails (PDF, jpeg, text, etc) with a self-service NLP workflow that is easily operationalized across the organization



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Automating email processing for insurers

Handling unstructured data has never been so easy.

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