Cutting through Covid-19 red tape


The world’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has exposed a slew of vulnerabilities, chief among them our inability to cut through red tape. In the U.S., the FDA was painfully slow in waiving restrictions around mask production. Health and Human Services held up a huge shipment of ventilators. Banks and government agencies around the world are now drowning in loan applications, and insurers are overwhelmed with claims.  

A significant bit of bureaucracy is the paperwork around coronavirus itself, specifically intake forms for patients who may be suffering from it. Automation Hero is working to leverage our AI-powered intelligent OCR to speed up the steps involved. 

Dangerously long waits

Currently, patients in many medical systems around the globe go through an intake process that’s manual. And like other institutions, hospitals and urgent care clinics have been overwhelmed by a crowd of new people needing care, many of whom sit in waiting rooms or on clogged phone lines for hours before they interact with a nurse or doctor.  

A Covid-19 patient questionnaire

One early hurdle in the admission process: healthcare workers must transfer a patient’s handwritten information from paper forms into a centralized digital database. But using intelligent OCR (optical character recognition), we can digitize handwritten and typed text on a standard Covid-19 health form to completely automate this transfer. 

Using handwriting OCR to help patients upload Covid forms faster

Beyond traditional OCR

Intelligent OCR goes beyond traditional handwriting OCR by using domain-specific training data, meaning the platform focuses on more specific and relevant information to your business. In the end, our solution is much better equipped to accurately interpret problem cases and unusually messy handwriting. 


Free help for hospitals

Hospitals are scrambling on every front. Rural clinics lack specialized equipment and staff for treating Covid-19 patients. Urban hospitals lack space. Nurses being forced to wear garbage bags for gowns at a Manhattan hospital is a sign that these critical, life-saving institutions aren’t getting support they need, from state and local entities or anywhere else.

Automation Hero is committed to making this technology accessible in the fight against Covid-19 and is offering its platform free of charge to the healthcare community.

(*Updated: Offer available through October 2020).