Why it’s time to leave behind your legacy RPA

Jan 17, 2022 by Automation Hero

RPA is 20 years old, and now deep learning AI and intelligent automation lead the way. Here’s why you should upgrade

When robotic process automation (RPA) systems were introduced to the business world in the early 2000s, they saved workers from some of the most mundane work imaginable. Things that now seem to happen automatically, like paychecks hitting accounts or emails notifying that an order has been received, used to require diligent execution by human workers. 

Without a doubt, RPA has improved the way we live and work. But automation’s capabilities have advanced far beyond what legacy RPA can offer. Newer technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent document processing (IDP) have combined to offer complete end-to-end automation services, increasingly referred to as intelligent process automation. 

Even if you’re pleased with your current RPA solution, if that’s all you’re using, you’re leaving an unprecedented level of efficiency and cost savings on the table.

What you’re missing without intelligent process automation

Platforms like Automation Hero that use intelligent process automation combine the best aspects of RPA, IDP, and AI into one single, cutting-edge product. While many systems out there added some of these features throughout the years as they became available, Automation Hero was built from the ground up with these capabilities. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include: 

Fast and frictionless implementation

If you were at the company when your RPA was initially set up, you probably remember how much time and money it took just to get it up and running. Legacy RPA operates off of diligently built templates, and any deviation could result in complete system failure. Meanwhile, intelligent process automation platforms like Automation Hero are easy to set up and deploy, with no need for coding, or even IT support. 

AI models built with zero or minimal training

The deep learning AI that runs Automation Hero is so advanced that it can simply look at your historic process data to build accurate and effective automations. Even better, the platform can leverage its growing insight over time to improve processes and identify other opportunities for streamlining as well. Best of all, even if you’re starting from scratch, the platform can build robust workflows with virtually no input or pre-training. 

A full end-to-end platform

Some legacy RPAs have grown over time to offer IDP and other more advanced features as they’ve become available. However, a great number of RPA systems haven’t changed at all. One way workers overcome those limitations is purchasing separate IDP and other automation programs, and finding ways to incorporate them into their existing processes. This can create a number of challenges that can eat up significant time and resources — both in initial setup and to fix inevitable problems that arise. Automation Hero offers all of the most advanced IDP and AI functionality in its core build. No upgrades necessary, and no need to purchase add-ons or product expansions. 

Near limitless integrations

Automation Hero features an unparalleled number of integrations with third-party applications, including email programs, file management systems, and databases, allowing users to create automations for virtually every area of their business. Beyond just document processing and workflow management, Automation Hero is designed to bring the benefits of AI to entire enterprises. 

An intelligent process automation platform that grows with you

Automation Hero’s versatility allows users to deploy it as a solution to fill in gaps created by their existing RPA, or replace everything as a complete, end-to-end intelligent automation solution. Truly designed to meet every user’s needs, the platform doesn’t require a heavy upfront investment of time or money. Pricing is entirely consumption based, so users only pay for the automations they actually use, as they use them. This allows organizations to stay nimble and see nearly immediate ROI. 


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