The next stage of automation

Mar 03, 2022 by Brodrick Lacy

The next stage of automation

“We can understand it and automate it.”

It was an honor to have our EMEA VP of Sales, Mark Stripp, invited to Plug and Play Tech Center’s Fintech & Enterprise Europe 2022 Start-up panel. He offered spectacular points as to how automation has advanced to fit the needs of businesses, and just how Automation Hero came to be in the enterprise tech industry. Below are critical takeaways and memorable milestones for our company:

Since being founded in 2017, we have helped companies globally reach over 70% increased efficiency in their customer-facing business processes. 

We have an incredible roster of companies that we’ve worked with (and continue to work with), including Baloise, Carrier, Kin, SDI LABS, Sysco, and Halwell Mutual. 

Takeaways from Mark Stripp 

The problem:  “If you take an existing use case, invoice processing, and classic automation. Today the paradigm is creating templates, and that’s quite costly because there’s a number of different types of templates out there-and with so many structured and unstructured data.”

The solution: “How we approach it through our deep learning capabilities is that we’re able with enough examples, and clean data, and variants – to actually train a model so that it’s form type agnostic. So, it doesn’t matter what type of invoice processing document it is; we can understand it and automate it, and that’s what we feel is a bit of  a game-changer in what’s going into the next stage of automation….”

Case study: A company found that they couldn’t leverage their data, and this was due to error-prone technology incapable of extracting unstructured data and lengthy manual entry processes.

Once integrating our end-to-end platform, this company experienced an overall improvement of over 20% efficiency for its document processing, resulting in about $3M in annual savings.


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