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11 sales memes that describe your first week as an SDR


We all remember our first week in the sales industry. You were a wide-eyed, young sales rep ready to take on the world. While your journey was rocky (and often confusing) those experiences made you the sales rep you are today. Here are 11 sales memes that show the range of encounters SDRs can face during their first week on the job:

1. Not being sure what office attire is appropriate on your first day… So you show up slightly overdressed.


2. Then there’s the moment you first got introduced to the rest of your sales team.


3. And all of a sudden you were overloaded with acronyms… CRM, BOFU, TOFU, ROI…the list goes on.


4. The confusion only increased as you were introduced to the dozens of sales tools you now use every day.


5. And just when you think you’re settling in, your manager tells you what your quota is.


6. And they also let you know that you’ll be working long hours… and weekends… and holidays…


7. When it was finally time for you to start sending out cold emails, you realize you had no idea what to say.


8. But at least that’s better than calling 100 phone numbers without a single pick up.


9. When a call finally does go through and you get a gatekeeper.


10. And we won’t remind of how badly you fumbled on your first pitch.


11. But finally (against all odds), your hard work paid off and you scheduled a demo with a prospect. Congrats!


Hope our sales memes gave you a bit of a laugh today! For more sales humor, read here.

By Jessica Munday