Evolving insurance innovations

Thomson Reuters brought together leaders of the insurance sector to discuss how evolving insurance innovations are impacting the industry.

Jan 10, 2022 by Brodrick Lacy

Evolving insurance innovations

Impact of intelligent automation on customer service

There’s normally a hesitancy when dealing with the implementation of automation software. Oftentimes businesses are concerned with how these automation innovations may impact customer experience. 

Thomson Reuters brought together several thought leaders from the insurance sector to discuss just how insurance innovations are realistically affecting the industry. Our founder and CEO, Stefan Groschupf joined them.

Below you can read some key quotes that we pulled from these leaders. Or, check out the recording for the full panel discussion.

5 takeaways for insurance automation

Stefan Groschupf (Founder & CEO, AutomationHero) – “Incredibly important, when introducing intelligent automation, it needs to be helpful.”  

Bill Martin (CEO,Plymouth Rock Assurance) – “If you’re starting with the customer, the only group that changes isn’t just IT… every other group needs to reformat what they do, to be able to deliver this to the customer.” 

Adam Fox (Head of Data, MassMutual) – “If we can operate more efficiently with a lower cost, then we can really pass that on in terms of dividends and other benefits back to our customers.”

Rachel Alt-Simmons (Head of Business Architecture and Design, AXA XL) – “We’ve taken a much more structured and managed approach. Our innovation initiative – one, identify topics that scale; two, make them actionable, and three, and meaningful to the businesses.”


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