Automation Hero Platform Overview

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Automation Hero combines RPA and AI to create a big data and AI-centric platform that eliminates repetitive and manual business processes. Our mission is to support information workers by automating mundane, repetitive tasks and give back time for more fulfilling higher value-add activities such as interacting with customers.

There were good intentions at the start. Thinking that using computers in the workplace would free us up to be more productive, but we ended up being more tied to them than ever before.

How much of your day is spent on mindless tasks? How much more productive could your organization be if employees didn’t have to enter the same information into their computer over and over again?

Current RPA automation technology is a decade old and isn’t up to the challenge of today’s age of intelligence.

Welcome to Automation Hero an entirely new intelligent automation platform that uses RPA and AI as its foundation to get you beyond those mundane tasks, so you can focus on impacting the bottom line. It’s never been this easy to put AI to work.

Now you can automate more of your business processes, faster and smarter. While other companies only automate repetitive clicks on Windows, we go much further our platform weaves together click bots, data sources, business processes, machine learning and people into an intelligence fabric that significantly impacts your bottom line.

Simply put Automation Hero gives your existing IT infrastructure and cutting-edge technology a competitive edge. With Hero_Go, you can easily record repetitive clicks to become secured, governed and controlled versions with added logic and integration.

Within minutes, go beyond click bots and create sophisticated automation flows with Flow Studio, our easy-to-use point-and-click application that combines data processing and workflows. With over 150 functions and 50 data source connectors, you can create workflow automations from the most simple to the incredibly complex.

Accelerate your AI journey by building deep learning models with our point-and-click AI studio.

Any process saved within Automation Hero’s cloud can be shared across your entire organization. Get up and running within minutes with Automation Hero in the cloud and competitive on-demand pricing. Or contact our sales team to find out more about on-prem installation.

Bring your workflow into the future today.

In this use case, automate common customer requests, learn how our natural language processors (NLPs) can scan and understand the intent of a human message and then automate a response to that request or route it to the proper department.


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