Deliver Stock Ticker Details Automatically

tn-stock-ticker-info-via-rest-lookupStock Ticker Information Use Case

In this use case, we will show you an automation where we will send an email asking for updated pricing on specific stock tickers, automatically pull that information from an online stock market data provider and receive an email with the updated stock ticker information.

This example can be particularly useful if an employee or customer needs regular updates on stock tickers – for example, an employee wants the current price information on specific stocks delivered to their email every day at the close of business or is fielding a lot of requests from customers for updated stock ticker information. 

If we were to do this without automation, a user would have to make a manual query for each stock ticker, copy and paste this information into an email and send it off. 

This process might not take long but repeated many times throughout the day is time consuming, a distraction from more important work and prone to human errors especially in situations where there is a high volume of customized requests for updated stock prices. Trying to handle this manually, could result in a decrease in customer satisfaction based on customer response rate as well as mistakes made in the responses. 

To save on operational costs and keep the customer or employee satisfaction high with immediate and precise query responses, we create a simple Hero_Flow automation.


To accomplish this we have built a Flow to extract stock tickers from an email inbox, then query the tickers through the finance API and at the end return the gathered information from the API and write them back as an email response. 


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