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Process proof of prior insurance documents


One of the most common steps in onboarding new insurance customers is checking for proof of prior insurance. A customer interested in new car insurance might, for example, submit any of the following documents as proof that they had insurance through another carrier: 

-Policy declaration pages

-ID card

-Current carrier report

-Renewal billing notice

-Cancel/non-renewal notice

-Letter of experience

Analyzing and uploading relevant information from all these different document types might seem like a tall task. 

But Automation Hero’s end-to-end document processing capabilities [link to previous use case] include AI models that help analyze any type of document from end to end. We can use our Classification capability to detect the document’s basic content and intent (Is this a driver’s license? Or an ID card?) Then, we can use OCR to extract relevant information from the document (full name, address, policy number). Then our platform can automatically reply to the customer requesting other types of supporting documents if necessary. 


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