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Boost lead conversion rate

Prioritize lead lists based on probability to convert.


Automation Hero can scrub databases and lead lists, suggesting new leads to sales reps and brokers based on criteria and interest. Automation Hero will compare data points of new leads to past won data within the CRM or another database. The result is a much more targeted audience with an improved lead conversion rate.

Our platform can also prioritize both new and existing lead lists based on their probability to convert.  With data-driven lead prioritization, employees spend their time exclusive on highly qualified leads. In the long run, this means better morale and an increase in productivity and revenue. The same techniques that produce improved lead conversion rates are also helpful for improved sales conversion rates.

In this product demo video, see how we can record any kind of repetitive click work in a web application or web form and then automate those clicks to repeat over and over until your task is complete.


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