Identifying Cross-and-upsell Opportunities

Automation Hero can identify opportunities for sales reps/brokers to cross-sell or bundle additional policies by comparing the policies of others with similar information.

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Companies are 60% to 70% more likely to sell to an existing customer than to a new one (Invesp). Insurance companies spend nearly $500 on average to acquire a policyholder and often face an uphill battle while working to gain the trust of their potential new customers. To cut customer acquisition costs (CAC), insurance companies can cross-sell other policies to existing customers.

Automation Hero can identify opportunities for sales reps/brokers to cross-sell or bundle additional policies with a current contract. The system can assess a policyholder’s information and compare their policy with others who have similar information. It then alerts the relevant rep of this cross-sell opportunity. This is much like the “customers who viewed this item also bought” feature online retailers use, only with insurance policies.

A leading European financial services company is tracking the behavior of its top sales reps/brokers in order to apply their tactics for cross and up-selling across the sales organization.

Management has observed top sales reps/brokers quickly notice and react to customer event triggers that indicate a potential change in policy and revenue opportunity. For example, if someone has indicated a change in employment, there is an opportunity to offer an upgraded life insurance policy.

This institution engaged Automation Hero to develop an AI model based on the behavior patterns of these reps to serve as a template for the rest of the sales team. The organization also requested a seamless user experience from the sales rep/broker perspective in order to accelerate the adoption of this new process. Based on these models and its current user experience, Automation Hero has expanded Robin’s daily reminder list to include notifications of possible cross and up-sell opportunities.

Automation Hero is also offering a list of ranked priorities for cross and up-sell opportunities to the company’s call center of 30 people who are charged with handling seven million customers that do not have a dedicated sales rep/broker.


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