Anticipate churn prediction

Analyze customer behavior to prevent churn.


Once a customer decides to cancel a subscription, service or policy, it’s often too late to try and retain them. But Automation Hero can improve customer retention in a variety of industries by alerting sales reps or brokers of a customer’s potential churn risk before they cancel. Automation Hero’s churn prediction tool works like this: first, the platform analyzes customer behavior to find risk factors like logging into an account after a long period of inactivity, or re-checking the terms of a long-term contract or policy. When it senses this activity, the software alerts the relevant representative or agent that it’s time to make offers or recommendations to keep their business.

These might include different products or plans that better fit a customer’s needs, or suggestions based on what other customers purchased who have similar data profiles.

Churn prediction and prevention are increasingly important in today’s business landscape, as subscription models take off.

In this product demo video, see how easy it is to point-and-click together an AI model that you can then use to automate tasks within your org, or even anticipate churn prediction.


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