Automate common service requests

Automation Hero’s natural language processors can understand the intent of a human message and automate proper next steps based on the determined intent.


Many incoming messages from customers are repetitive and include requests for minor changes that take sales reps/brokers away from their core work duties. Some of the most common incoming customer requests include address change, service or contract cancellations, adding or removing a person or product from policy or service, etc.

These are repetitive, manual updates that can easily be automated. Automation Hero’s natural language processors (NLPs) can scan and understand the intent of a human message and then automate a response to that request or route it to the proper department.

For example, if a customer sends a message with a “change of address” request, Automation Hero can determine the intent and then route it to the appropriate department. A more advanced option allows Automation Hero to pull the relevant information and directly map it to the appropriate field in the company’s database. These types of changes can be either unattended automation or reviewed and then automated by the user.

For one leading German insurance company, Automation Hero’s AI engine understands the intent of an incoming email with 98% accuracy and then automates the request, significantly increasing response speed and customer satisfaction.


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