We bring RPA + AI together for future-forward enterprises.

Our platform is the first true cloud RPA making it more capable than the rest.


Data and AI-centric

Built with AI and data at its core -- makes it superiorly intelligent than other RPA providers


Back-end based

Automation logic runs on our intelligent backend -- while our thin-clients control your applications


Highly scalable and elastic

Scale from one to 1000 servers to respond to your needs even as workloads vary



Trusted by the biggest and most regulated financial companies

Record simple automations and share them with your team

Available as

  • icon-browser-white Browser Plugin
  • icon-embeded-white Embedded
  • icon-headless-white Headless
  • icon-windows-white Windows
  • icon-mac-white Mac (coming soon)

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Point-and-click, no-code integration

Hero_Flow comes with over 50+ connectors and has an easy-to-extend connector framework to build your own.


Separation of connectors, sources and sinks


Easily handles structured data


Uses Natural Language Processors to understand unstructured data


Integrates into complex IT legacy environments

With Flow Studio, users can easily point-and-click together automations


Combines workflow and dataflow

For data preparation, processing and analytics and complex decision logic

Attended or unattended automations

Automations can run with or without human involvement or triggering

Group operators for reuse

Users can define processing standard by grouping operators reuse in various automations

Add intelligence to your automations by building or loading pre-existing deep learning models in our AI Studio


Load and train existing models

Upload H20, Tensorflow or Keras models

No code, deep learning

Productively point-and-click deep learning models in a visual design environment (TensorFlow)

Intelligent use cases

Supports dark data extraction, intent detection, text classification and other AI use cases

Automations your end-users will love.

Gamified approach

Encourages users to use and verify automations through gamification and friendly UI

Humans stay in control

With our attended model, the humans always stay in control of the automations

Ever-improving AI assistant

User feedback helps to train AI model

No extra steps

Robin emails users everyday with tasks it can automate, fitting into the daily processes of human workers

Personified automations

Attended automations are delivered as a personified personal assistant, Robin