50+ Sales AI Statistics

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Fix your productivity problems for good by learning more about sales AI with over 50 sales AI statistics from leading industry research.

Productivity is the No. 1 challenge for 65% of B2B sales organizations (Bridge Group).

If you’re having trouble with productivity in your sales organization, you’re not alone. Many sales teams fail to meet their business goals and fall short of quotas. The biggest problem is sales reps are expensive and much of their valuable time is spent on repetitive tasks and inefficient processes that take them away from developing customer relationships.

On top of that, business leaders also face issues with data collection and maintenance andare unable to trust their sales data. Major company decisions rely on accurate and up-to-date information (annual budget and sales forecasts). If it’s unreliable then companies are making crucial decisions with little-to-no insight.

A study by CSO Insights revealed that only 52% of companies had client data whose reliability rate was over 75%. While only 23% of companies believed that they had reliable lead data.

Sales AI automation can solve both of these problems. It takes on repetitive tasks and improves business process efficiency. We have 50+ sales AI statistics to prove it.

The results are:

  • Organizational productivity increased
  • Sales reps spend their time more efficiently
  • Company capital is used in a more responsible way
  • Sales and customer data increased in accuracy and consistency
  • The above all resulting in boosts in revenue



50+ Sales AI Statistics