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The Details: a New Approach to Process Mining with Hero_Sonar

Take a new approach to process mining with Hero_Sonar

Which business processes in your company are the most inefficient? Or the most time-consuming? In this piece, we give you the lowdown on Automation Hero’s new process mining component, Hero_Sonar, which helps you visualize business processes and take action to improve them using artificial intelligence. 

It all begins with a process map.Then, Hero_Sonar helps you chart the best way forward with actionable AI that offers a new level of transparency into processes inside your company. Does work get handed off smoothly as planned? Or does it move on a more meandering route, bouncing back and forth between departments for revisions and approvals? 

If the meandering route sounds familiar, never fear: even at the most successful companies, messy is how most work actually gets done. Instead of just a scan of one area or department, Hero_Sonar uses log data to help you trace the way work moves through the entire organization. It can do so for the simplest of tasks, like invoice approvals, or long-running, complex projects that require weeks or months. 

Hero_Sonar lets you 

  • Integrate more, connecting to dozens of systems, beyond SAP, ServiceNow or Salesforce 
  • Mine huge volumes of semi-structured, unstructured, or structured data
  • Prep and normalize data faster
  • Draw on historical data from your company to give powerful insights around process mapping