Flow Studio: How does it work?

flow studio

In this product overview, you’ll learn about the heart of the Automation Hero platform, Flow Studio. 

Flow Studio is a new approach to automating workflows, the place where you create the automations that you’ll work with elsewhere in the platform. The inputs, or raw materials, in Flow Studio, vary widely. These can include numerous data sources inside your company. Flow Studio has an extensive pre-built connector library, and we can also connect to your systems via API. 

Flow Studio is also where you can choose from drag-and-drop functions, which let you perform actions or include calculations using your specified data. Functions can then be customized for your company and shared with your colleagues. 

With these data sources and functions in hand, you can build an automation, or a flow. This part of our platform uses sophisticated AI techniques to analyze data that’s either structured and unstructured, from sources either on-premise or off, letting users build automations that solve complex problems — without needing to learn how to code.



Flow Studio: How does it work?