Automation Hero breaks down barriers to AI for mainstream intelligent automation


Industry-first point-and-click AI Studio democratizes AI for next-gen RPA

SAN FRANCISCO, BERLIN and LONDON, Nov. 14, 2019 — Companies today routinely spend five to seven times the level of software spend for RPA products on services (Gartner). In further challenging traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent automation startup, Automation Hero, today announced new, groundbreaking capabilities of its AI Studio. This is the first self-service environment to provide a no-code graphical user interface for less technical users for faster and easier access to AI.

Traditional RPA technology is limited to basic screen automation – the time-intensive task of manually extracting information from one application, validating it and then pasting it in another application. While successful, this technology is brittle, unscalable and fails to tap into the potential of AI. To integrate AI, current RPA vendors rely on manual and time-intensive custom coding, which has tradeoffs, such as versioning, governance and deployment.

Automation Hero uniquely solves this problem by natively embedding the capabilities of AI into an end-to-end, highly scalable and web-based platform making intelligent automation work for the whole organization. This directly impacts the ability of organizations to take full advantage of adding intelligence to automation for more complex business processes.

Bridging tech and business

Data scientists are expensive and often in short supply. As a result, there has been a rise of data-centric users demanding faster and easier access to leverage the possibilities of AI for business needs.

To satisfy these needs, AI Studio provides a visually rich environment to quickly get up and running with building, training and validating AI models using a point-and-click experience. Users do not require any coding knowledge to take advantage.

“RPA vendors are promising AI but failing to deliver it,” said Stefan Groschupf, founder and CEO of Automation Hero. “We’re on a journey to democratize AI and end-to-end automation. By simplifying the user experience of our full-featured intelligent automation platform we empower our customers to accelerate their automation projects and reduce their reliance on service providers.”

Benefits of native AI

By giving users direct control of AI and automation all under one hood, organizations have full control over enterprise concerns such as security, compliance, governance and version control.

AI models are more relevant and valuable when trained on current and applicable data rather than pre-packaged data sets. And, an end-to-end platform allows users to easily train and deploy the latest and greatest version with a single click.

AI Studio also offers a “bring your own” option that allows data scientists a fast and seamless way to upload their own models through an API or GUI. Data scientists are often disconnected from the systems that deliver business value and their platforms rely on brittle integration and lack transparency and governance. With AI Studio, these advanced models can now be natively integrated into more complex business processes for added intelligence.

Real AI business use case examples

With Automation Hero’s latest release, businesses can automate more complex processes in shorter time, in cloud or on-premise and with more intelligence.

Create, train, validate and deploy AI models that can:

  • recognize the intent of an incoming request regardless of the source (email, fax, mail, etc.) and route to the right person
  • translate complex government forms into processable data (customized OCR)
  • extract dark data from emails to automate customer quote requests
  • classify documents for claims management into the appropriate category(ies)
  • translate hand-written text into processable data for medication prescriptions