Intelligent process mining.

Hero_Sonar goes far beyond traditional process mining. It allows you to visually discover the largest and most complex processes, turn process maps into AI models and monitor and measure your improvements in real time.


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Turn your company’s experience into intelligent automation

Current process mining tools visualize historical data but fail to provide any way to make that data actionable.

Hero_Sonar allows you to turn process maps into AI models that can be used to intelligently automate processes or help employees with augmented decision-making. Imagine training your AI model with the wisdom of your company experts.


Visualize and analyze even the most complex business processes

Process mining is historically limited to visualizing processes from single data sources or requires long, expensive data prep processes. In most companies, business processes are complex - data comes from a multitude of sources, is large and never clean.

Hero_Sonar leverages the power of the Hero_Flow platform to prepare and harmonize data of any size, from any system, structured or unstructured with easy point-and-click functions. Visualize data in detail-rich responsive dashboards and comprehensive filters allow you to compare data over time to identify process improvements.

Combine process data and any other company metric in elegant dashboards for a more holistic business view.

Hero_Flow’s highly scalable and elastic backend means even a petabyte of data can be processed in parallel up to 1,000 servers - on-premise or in the cloud.

Get a real-time view into your (automated) processes

Automation tools such as RPA run isolated and it’s unclear what data is processed or where it fails - turning automation into a black box. Business-critical automations require better.

Hero_Sonar seamlessly integrates with Hero_Flow to give a clear insight into what is happening on a business (e.g. average number of quotes sent) or technical (e.g. how many emails were processed) level.

Process mining can help increase efficiency across industries.

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