Say goodbye to repetitive, menial tasks.


Endless hours are wasted on copy / paste work, gathering information from different systems and scraping data from web applications. Automation Hero`s RPA screen automation tool, Hero_Go, is here to help.

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RPA for web scraping and automation.

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Hero_Go executes high-volume, structured business tasks, error-free.

Hero_Go is a screen automation recorder that allows users to easily record clicks on a screen, extract information and auto-populate data input. Record once, play unlimited.

But that’s just the beginning. Hero_Go connects with our powerful back end, Hero Flow, to turn basic RPA automations into more meaningful and robust business process automations by adding advanced data manipulation, calculation and AI-decision making.

No need to change current business systems, just take what you have and amplify.


UI Recorder

Record, edit and rearrange steps


Automation Triggers

Manually trigger automation replays by end users or events


Share Automations

Share automations with coworkers via email


Contextual Screen Automation

Go beyond static automations on URL paths and leverage dynamically-generated web pages


SFDC Native Integration

Trigger Salesforce automations directly within the system with only a single click



Access via a Chrome browser extension or a headless virtual machine.

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