No-code intelligent automation workflows.

Flow Studio empowers developers to design intelligent solutions to the challenges they face every day, without writing a single line of code.



GUI-based Authoring Environment

Drag-and-drop functions and AI models to build an entire automation in a visual development platform.



Connect to multiple types of data sources, including email clients, CRMs, ERPs and databases via our JDBC connector, and much more. Use a REST API to access data or use Hero_Go to gather data from screen automations.


Artificial Intelligence

Incorporate AI models built in or uploaded to AI Studio for added intelligence to your automations.


Multi-prong Decisioning Tree

Run processes in parallel to allow information to flow continuously across the platform. Build tracking within your automation where you decide it should be.


Exception Handling

Build in notifications or routing into your flow -- depending on the parameters and thresholds that you determine.


Preview Feature

Add complex logic at each step of the build process to see immediate impact to your automation.


Process Orchestration

Stay in control when and how your automations are run with built-in orchestration at no additional licensing. Scheduling can be based on event triggers, thresholds, specific date/time, recurring days/times.


Performance Overview

Monitor automation flows in real-time for efficiency and resource allocation. Ability to see if it runs, if it’s overwhelmed, if it’s failing. Monitor the slowest link in your automation chain via back pressure visualization.

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Reuse Templates

Clone templates and make any modifications you need. Download and share flows across environments for incorporating release features of the newest version.



Customize functions to support the unique needs of your organization. And, develop connectors directly with our Java SDK to integrate with external systems.


Group functions to create a customized function

Combine frequently used standalone functions and propagate them across your organization to streamline and standardize processes.


Smart Monitoring

Receive notifications and monitor your systems all through smart logs in our environment, or in yours.

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