Automation Hero vs ABBYY

Automation Hero’s industry-leading AI is the difference maker in OCR technology that’s more accurate than ABBYY. All within an end-to-end platform that makes document processing faster and easier than ever.

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Comparing Automation Hero and ABBYY’s accuracy


more accurate in invoice processing


more accurate in handwriting OCR

Let's take a look at how Automation Hero and Abbyy FlexiCapture compare across a few important success dimensions.


A more intelligent automation engine

Process information from any type of document, including handwritten notes.

Automation HeroAbbyy

Handwritten text recognition accuracy

According to scientific and repeatable benchmark tests [source], Automation Hero is 100-180% more accurate than ABBYY in recognizing handwritten text and natural language

66,6% [1]23,7% [1]

Better domain-specific recognition

Automation Hero is able to incorporate the lexicon your business uses to enhance the text recognition and accelerate the automation of document processing

End-to-end AI-native orchestration that works

80% of the information in companies is unstructured. Templates fall short. Automation Hero makes better decisions on how to process each type of document


[1] A competitive review: Automation Hero, ABBYY and Google Vision, 2022, Get Report.


Analyst report

GigaOm Performance Benchmark for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solutions

The analysts at GigaOm found Hero Platform_ to be the most accurate solution for invoice processing and for handwriting processing.


We adapt to solve your automation needs

The Automation Hero platform is flexible so it works with any workflow, regardless of the complexity

Automation HeroAbbyy

Flexible module-based architecturey

No need to rip and replace. Easily connect different modules to connect to your existing infrastructure, including other RPA deployments and external APIs

Go beyond data extraction

Automation Hero can manage any post-processing need, including data cleansing, context matching, and information enrichment with internal and external data sources


Human in the loop

Sometimes, flow exceptions and validations must be handled manually by the team. Automation Hero provides an intuitive Human-in-the-loop UI builder to solve anomalies and edge cases


Flexible pricing

Automation Hero transparent pricing simplifies and enhances your ROI and it is also more cost-effective.

“In an ongoing benchmark test, Automation Hero’s product performed better than ABBYY FlexiCapture in terms of handwriting recognition accuracy.”

Saurabh Sharma, Lead Analyst, GigaOm


Delightful user experience

Offering an AI-native platform should not come at the cost of the user experience

Automation HeroAbbyy

True no-code experience

No need to involve the IT department or the data science team to build powerful automation. Anyone can quickly build custom intelligent automation flows that just work

A modern platform

Automation Hero was built from scratch using modern technologies and frameworks so it is not hampered by an outdated legacy product core

White-glove service

Our customer success team is dedicated to providing the support and training for your automation project to be successful. As a startup, we are hungry for your satisfaction

FAQ: Automation Hero vs ABBYY

Why choose Automation Hero vs ABBYY?

Automation Hero provides a modern Intelligent Document Processing platform that supports complex documents, including handwritten text, and custom workflows. The Automation Hero AI-native engine allows increased accuracy and flexibility while at the same time providing a no-code user interface that allows everyone to build DIY automation flows in no time.

Is it easy to switch to Automation Hero from my current RPA and IDP platform?

Automation Hero does not require you to rip and replace your existing RPA and IDP platform. Automation Hero can even work with your data science team to integrate any custom models that your organization already has.

What services are included in the pricing?

Automation Hero offers a transparent pricing model that allows you to easily estimate the cost of a deployment upfront. The two pricing tiers, Gold and Silver, provide the same AI-native automation capabilities but the Gold tier provides more advanced integrations and deployment options to support larger organizations.

What kind of use cases does Automation Hero cover?

Automation Hero has been successful at automating the processing of insurance claims, invoices, purchase orders, contracts, price quote requests, and other complex unstructured collections of documents

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions automate data extraction and business process routing. IDP tools can be seen as an evolution of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) category that leverages artificial intelligence techniques such as natural language recognition to process structured and unstructured content.

Automation Hero’s OCR is far better than any other in the market

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