Frederic Hanika


Frederic's mission is to guide entrepreneurs through the difficult phase of early product-market-fit and help them build a repeatable sales model and first-rate team. He is a proponent of the entrepreneur-centric "new school" investment style: roll up your sleeves and help create value. Having seen hundreds of startups try to cross the chasm, co-founding a venture-backed startup himself and been deep in the weeds of building a go-to-market strategy and a large relevant network, makes Frederic a great source of advice.

Frederic also leads Corporate Development at Quest Software, a Francisco Partners owned company. In this strategy-defining role, he is a driving force behind acquisitions and partnerships, as well as other initiatives. Frederic is a mentor at the Alchemist Accelerator and Desafia, an advisor at The Hive in Palo Alto and a passionate angel investor.