Telco Use Cases

Translate text into usable data with handwriting recognition

Businesses waste valuable time and money processing handwritten notes, requests, receipts, invoices and statements (just to name a few). Reviewing this type of unstructured …

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handwriting recognition, OCR, unstructured data

More Telco Use Cases

This shows intelligent character recognition and classification of unstructured data.

Classify documents with intelligent character recognition

In many business scenarios, an essential daily task …

Intent detection and NLP

Automate invoice processing

For an employee within the financial department of …

This photo shows CRM automation.

Speed up CRM data entry

Automation Hero automatically logs and updates CRM records …

Churn prediction

Anticipate churn prediction

Automation Hero analyzes customer behavior to find risk …

Automate repetitive tasks

Automate common customer requests

Automation Hero’s natural language processors can understand the …

Data extraction

Gain business insight from data extraction

Using field mapping technology, Automation Hero can pull …

See customer insights in real time

See customer insights in real time

Automation Hero can provide a sales rep/broker with …

unstructured data

Discover and analyze hidden data

A global telecoms provider experienced issues with inconsistent …

CRM data entry

Maintain database quality

Automation Hero increases the accuracy and reliability of …

improved lead conversion rate

Boost lead conversion rate

Automation Hero can suggest new leads to sales …

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