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A smoother handoff between teams means sales managers get valuable insights.

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End-to-end document processing for any type of document

Document processing is one of the trickiest problems …


Handling urgent customer complaints

All companies receive complaints, but not all complaints …


Make email processing more efficient

Daily worldwide email processing has increased steadily, with …


Support contact center agents with better data

A smoother handoff between teams means sales managers …

Intent detection and NLP

Invoice processing and approval automation

Invoice processing is a laborious and time-consuming process.


Speed up processing GDPR Subject Access Requests

Any company dealing with European citizens’ data can …


Automate weekly sales commission documents

Don’t make salespeople do extra data entry.


Smooth out online ordering

The shift to e-commerce means companies large and …


Classify documents with intelligent character recognition

Classify documents with intelligent character recognition.

Ecommerce cross-selling and upselling

Identify ecommerce cross selling and upselling opportunities

Cut customer acquisition costs with Automation Hero.

See customer insights in real time

See customer insights in real time

Pull customer information in the moment.


Detect intent in emails

Identify intent and route to the appropriate person.

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