Finance Use Cases

Translate text into usable data with handwriting recognition

Discover how Automation Hero translates text into usable data with handwriting recognition to help businesses save time and money.

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More Finance Use Cases


Classify documents with intelligent character recognition

Classify documents with intelligent character recognition.

Intent detection and NLP

Invoice Processing and Approval Automation

Invoice processing is a laborious and time-consuming process.

Call center automation

Automate repetitive call center processes

Give your call center an efficiency boost.

Automated scheduling for meetings

Schedule meetings automatically

Reduce the time it takes to confirm appointments.

This photo shows CRM automation.

Speed up CRM data entry

Increase team productivity and revenue with CRM automation.

Sales conversion rate

Improve sales conversion rates

Augment decision-making and see an uplift in revenue.

Automate repetitive tasks

Automate common customer requests

Automate proper next steps based on the intent.

Data extraction

Gain business insight from data extraction

Pull data from sources to populate forms.

See customer insights in real time

See customer insights in real time

Pull customer information in the moment.


Detect intent in emails

Identify intent and route to the appropriate person.

upsell and cross-sell mortgage loans

Find mortgage cross selling and upselling opportunities

Detect customers with home-buying behavior.

CRM data entry

Maintain database quality

Increase the accuracy and reliability of customer data.

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