Banking Use Cases

Translate Hand-written Text into Structured Data

Handwritten notes, requests, receipts and statements (just to name a few) are all untapped resources that are costing businesses. Reviewing this type of unstructured …

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Document Classification

In many business scenarios, an essential daily task is scanning, classifying and extracting key information from printed and digital documents.

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Invoice Processing

For an employee within the financial department of any business, invoice processing can be a laborious and time-consuming process.

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Lost or Stolen Credit Card Request

Call centers are flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of calls each day. The average call center agent will take between 40 and 50 calls …

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Scheduling Automation

Automation Hero reduces the back-and-forth it takes to confirm an appointment by drafting an email response and creating a calendar event for that meeting.

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Activity Tracking

Automation Hero automatically logs and updates CRM records for sales reps/brokers, which increases team productivity and revenue.

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Best Next Step

Automation Hero augments the behavior of sales reps/brokers to improve conversion rates by giving next best steps recommendations based on past steps that led …

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Automating Common Service Requests

Automation Hero’s natural language processors can understand the intent of a human message and automate proper next steps based on the determined intent.

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Turn PDFs into processable data

Using field mapping technology, Automation Hero can pull data from both structured (CRM system data, spreadsheets) and unstructured sources (emails, Word documents) to create …

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Real-time Customer Data

Automation Hero can provide a sales rep/broker with valuable information and recommendations based on the needs of the customer.

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Intelligent Email Routing

A leading European financial services company was experiencing a higher volume of incoming customer email than they were equipped to handle.

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Mortgage Loan Cross-sell

Automation Hero can suggest that bankers attempt to cross-sell mortgages to current customers who show home-buying behavior to cut customer acquisition costs.

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CRM Data Quality Maintenance

Automation Hero increases the accuracy and reliability of customer data for businesses by automating CRM and database updates.

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