Claims Processing

Automation Hero’s AI automation platform eliminates the repetitive processes required to process an insurance claim, cutting costs and increasing productivity.


McKinsey predicts that automation can reduce the cost of the claims journey by up to 30%. Much of the claims process in traditional insurance companies require hours of manual effort by employees. Automation Hero’s AI automation platform removes these repetitive processes, reducing the cost of processing claims.

Business automation tools cut the manual data entry tasks down by porting over customer data from submitted claim forms into the CRM or database through field mapping. For printed forms, once a form is scanned and digitized, Automation Hero can virtually scan and port that information into the database as well.

When it comes to the distribution of claims, Automation Hero can pull information from the claim form and route it to the appropriate department or representative. This could be by type (e.g. auto, home, renters) or claim cash amount.


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