What Robin can do for you.

Robin is your very own sales AI assistant that saves you time by handling your busy work.


Prospecting on (AI) autopilot.

Generate more qualified opportunities by automating prospecting and qualification. From recommending new accounts to finding contacts or leads you may have missed, Robin can help.

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Prospecting on (AI) autopilot

Salesforce updates (magically) done.

How many hours a week are you spending updating Salesforce to keep your manager in their happy place? Probably too many. With Robin, your data entry is done with a single click and your manager gets up-to-date and accurate information.

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More meetings, less back-and-forth.

It takes way too many emails to schedule a meeting. Like a true AI assistant, Robin drafts a response on your behalf and a blocks time on your calendar so you never have to check when that next 30-minute spot is open.

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Keeping on track.

Robins' daily to-do lists keeps you on track of your most important tasks and conversations from the day before. No matter how full your inbox may get, nothing will slip through the cracks again. And, each day Robin optimizes your list as it learns from the tasks you approve or reject.

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