How to Extract Information from Auto Documents

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Quick: what’s the biggest hassle of buying, selling, or dealing with cars? It’s all the tedious paperwork that comes with a car, from the title to the loan documents to insurance. In this case study, we discuss how fleet service providers, auto insurers, car rental agencies and others can automate and dramatically speed up the process of sifting through printed pages, PDFs and handwritten auto-related documents.

Automation Hero can help you modernize painfully manual processes, like scanning pages and extracting information line by line. We can also help you redesign certain kinds of business processes more efficiently — like transferring changes in ownership or canceling a policy. 

Artificial intelligence also helps at every step of the way. AI, for example, can extract relevant data from PDFs or images, then send that data to the right place.

Benefits include: 

  • More than 90% accuracy for most extracted fields
  • Robust AI can determine clean data from dirty data, where input information is unclear
  • Purpose-built OCR (optical character recognition) is guided by AI
  • Easy to view: Image snippets for all fields means humans can compare extracted values with little eye movement and without scanning a dense PDF
  • Humans in the loop: Data passes through an automation assistant for agent



How to Extract Information from Auto Documents