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Overcoming the Challenges of Automation Implementation

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Let’s say your company executives and internal teams are all on board with the idea of automation. They’re aware that it can save hours of menial work and will boost their overall productivity in the long run. But long before anyone digs into the details, there’s plenty of work to be done. 

In this piece, we look at 6 critical issues to address before tackling any RPA (robotic process automation) or IPA (intelligent process automation) project, whether it’s large or small. 

Those challenges include: 

  • Lack of strategy, namely, failing to identify an overall goal for the automation implementation, and failure to identify the main actors, scope, and timeline for the project. 
  • Failing to identify which principles or group will govern how the project is run and its measures of success. 
  • Inability to determine the ROI of the project, and to clearly show how investing in automation will benefit the organization.
  • Lack of talent, particularly finding staff with deep enough analytical skills to understand and correct the outcomes of automation efforts. 
  • Difficulty in identifying the correct use cases for automation within a company or organization.

Our guide offers solutions to all 6 problems, including concrete steps to take when trying to motivate large teams.