Kick your competition to the curb with sales AI.

An inefficient, ineffective sales process can cost businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue each year. Sales AI can help.


Recipe for Sales AI Success

Find out how you can discover the highest-value, lowest-effort sales AI use cases in your organization in just 9 steps.

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With the advent of AI, companies now have the resources to streamline sales processes and skyrocket team productivity in new, groundbreaking ways.

Enterprises now have the capability and flexibility to employ a vast range of use cases by connecting any data source, integrated system or business workflow to garner significant ROI across their organization.

We are highly adaptable to your enterprise needs and can offer fully customizable options that bring instant ROI. Most importantly, we augment your workforce by personifying an AI assistant to work alongside humans, instead of replacing them.

Increase revenue with relevant recommendations.

Learning from historically successful engagement housed in the CRM, email and calendar, SalesHero's automated AI platform provides prescriptive guidance to help sales reps drive deals forward with confidence.

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Speed up customer response time.

Sales reps are bogged down with repetitive customer requests such as an address change, policy inquiry or status update. Reduce follow-up time by leveraging SalesHero's intent detection technology for faster routing and automated response capabilities.

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Eliminate ineffective sales processes with automation.

67% of sales reps miss their annual quota. Why? Because they're inundated with excessive administrative tasks. SalesHero's AI platform streamlines sales processes by automating these.

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